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We collaborate transparently across industries to offer
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The platform for senior writing and strategy

Manage everything your business needs to stay on top of your content game — all online, from anywhere.

One-click tools

Make requests, incorporate new content tactics, manage deadlines or turnaround requirements, and more from a single subscription.

Integrated consulting

Keeping up with trends on content, social media, and communications is as easy as checking your scheduled debriefings on the dashboard.

Flexible add-ons for growth

Easily power up your Copybase with the help of service extensions. Add more manpower to a project, bring subject matter experts, cut down time limits, and more.

A beautiful orchestration
of focus and expertise.

Meet fractional hiring. A hiring technique where we pick the brains of the very best writers to tackle specific problems for your business. In a domain they know inside out.

Businesses don't need to spend 6 figures hiring content peeps.

You need the best knowledge to make the best decisions. Don't let money hold you back from getting started on the right track. Find insight at its source: the content.

Teams are assembled with specific goals in mind.

We've got the team, you bring the company. Let's join forces and create something amazing with our talent network, combined with your leadership.

Access to work-altering knowledge is now possible.

Times have changed. Founders and execs no longer have to rely on unreliable content sources. You can now access high-quality industry knowledge affordably.

Landing Well

Get a redesign of your content outlet by a seasoned writer.
Refresh your marketing website for peanuts — plus $790.

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Copywriting for your website.

Consulting on future content.

Quality research. Fast testing.

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Access a network of writers that
strive for content excellence. 

The outcome? A fully-managed service comparable to
a high-performing, in-house content team.

All within a single subscription.

Free asessment.
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Expert writers. Every niche.

From tech to lifestyle... we know the right people. With a single subscription, access versatile writers or SMEs who deliver only excellence.

Effortless collaboration. At scale.

Forget about juggling freelancers or agencies. Our service centralizes deliverables, communication and feedback, letting you focus on your business.

Your brand. Your voice.

Our writers adapt to your brand's style, ensuring authenticity across blogs, social posts, and more.

Grow with confidence.

Scale your content seamlessly with our flexible service. Quality content, no headcount hassle.

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The most complete content strategy knowledge base.

Leave the intricacies of content strategy to experts.
Focus on growing your business.

We manage content peeps so you don't have to:

Content strategists

Content specialists


Digital curators

Media editors

User researchers

Copy editors

Technical writers

Our relations are content-adjacent as well:

Information architects

Interaction designers

Branding specialists

Marketing execs

UX designers


Product builders

Our purpose — Disseminate sustainable content:

Marketing and sales

Customer experience

Social media


Community building

Want to do content in-house? Ask about our skill-based training paths:

Management of
Content systems

Organize, distribute, and optimize content systems confidently.

Content for
Social influence

Write for influence, with charisma. Convert conversations into results.

Content for
Marketing & sales

Create compelling messages that captivate and drive action.

Research for
Content strategy

Understand deeply. Forge meaningful connections for impactful experiences.

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Trial with:


A dedicated content pro for content design or copywriting

Weekly content delivery & detailed progress reports (based on agreement)

Unlimited communication with your content strategist


Per week

Landing Well™

Absolute essentials for your startup or idea.

Dedicated landing page copywriting expert

High-converting landing page copy that is tailored to your target audience

A/B testing + optimization to ensure your page is performing at its best

Unlimited communication with your landing page copywriting team


One time

Best for: business formation, early stages


Website Basics

Keep your brand's voice airtight on your site.

Content design for a large website

5 revisions (with fixed deadlines)

Complete website copywriting

Free consulting session

Fast turnaround

One time


Best for: company formation, rebranding


Content Engine

Get your business a solid presence online.

Up to 20 pieces for blog or equivalent

5 revisions (with fixed deadlines)

Managed content calendar

Predictable delivery

Fast turnaround



Best for: seo, branding, inbound marketing

Copy- neighbor

Find a voice that can grow with you.

Content starter plan for your business

Proposal for new content calendar

Kickoff content for your blog

Insights on content positioning

Insights on strategic content planning

One time


Best for: post-formation, refocus, biz transitions

Content Strategy

Get a strong foundation for quality content.

Permanent distributed team

Content strategy system

Managed content calendar

Predictable delivery

Fast turnaround



Best for: businesses on a scaling stage

Grand Strategy

Scale your content in every direction.

Permanent distributed team

Content grand strategy

Multi-format content tactics

Strict (and fast) delivery

1-on-1 weekly meeting sessions



Best for: large-scale experimentation, mature content systems, omnichannel

Flexible add-ons to fit your needs.

✂️ Specialist

Allocate resources for a permanent specialist. Their focus will be entirely up to you and your current needs.

😶 Manpower

Add more capacity to your subscription. This leads to more output, higher quality work, or less time.


⏱️ Timer

Like a modern version of the "rush fee." Time-boxed assignments means guaranteed delivery.


Get your money's worth today.

Start a new journey from Copybase today.
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